ELK 駝鹿餐廳 / ELK American Restaurant – Shulin, New Taipei City

ELK 駝鹿餐廳

The first time I ate at ELK Restaurant (ELK 駝鹿餐廳) was some time late in 2019. At that time, I remembered that before I walked into the restaurant, I was just around the neighbourhood with my family, trying to find something to eat for dinner. I wasn’t expecting anything fancy or eye-opening but simply to fill my stomach with food that was somewhat decent and semi-nutritious. As usual, I did a brief search of the nearby restaurants with Google and came across this so-called American-style restaurant named ELK. It was rather a surprise to me as I would have never expected to see this type of restaurant appear in the suburban location like the Shulin district of New Taipei City.

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