WordPress 2.2 “Getz” is now available

WordPress 2.2
WordPress 已公告釋出 WordPress 2.2 並開放下載,這個版本是以一位著名的 jazz tenor saxophone 演奏家 Stan Getz 來命名。

filosofo 的介紹 – WordPress 2.2: Three Things Developers Will Like

    1. You can now set your site’s “home” and “siteurl” values in the wp-config.php file
    2. WordPress now uses PHPMailer for email
    3. WordPress Now Includes the jQuery JavaScript library

Aaron Brazell 的介紹 – 10 Things You Should Know About WordPress 2.2

    1. Native Widgets
    2. Atom 1.0 Feeds
    3. WP-Admin powered by jQuery
    4. Atom API Support
    5. New Blogger Importer
    6. Plugin Sandbox
    7. New Hooks for Plugin Authors
    8. Return of the Preview Link
    9. Comment Feeds
    10. Mail Enhancements
    11. Under the Hood Optimization